About CASA

C.A.S.A(China Agency for Scholarship and Admission) is part of KIB-B Business Consulting CO, LTD.( 可卜比商务咨询有限公司)

KIB-B Business Consulting Co., Ltd is a Business Empire which is present in education, consulting, marketing, energy, security etc. We expect to be the biggest business empire and build a one world family

C.A.S.A is dedicated to serving the higher education community. We provide various types of services for foreign students having the desire to study in China and around the world. We have a highly motivated team to provide the best services for students coming from different countries. We work with many polytechnics and universities and have contracts for students to pursue their studies in good condition. We aim at building the world as one big family and help people about studies and pursuing their dreams. We promote schools, polytechnics and universities around the world.


To be the earth most centric online platform for scholarship and admission that sets the communication between students and education institutions.

Long Term Goals
  1. Get Branches in 54 countries in Africa
  2. Get Branches in all the countries of Asia and Europe
  3. Build schools all around the world