Why Become CASA Representative

To get maximum profit while enjoying the easy and fast application

No need for an office to earn money and make a living

CASA Is Professional

  1. CASA has been in this field for 10 years, and has become the biggest platform to apply for Chinese Universities
  2. CASA has helped more than 20,000 international students from over 82 countries to get admission in China.
  3. CASA now is not only No.1 on the number of applicants, but also the No.1 in the number of social network fans, customer satisfaction and reputation
  4. CASA launched CASA Representative platform in 2018. And more than 50 individuals have joined Representation platform to cooperate with CASA to studying in China easier for their clients. CASA Representative platform already is the biggest platform for foreign people or companies to expand their business of sending students to China

You Can Make Profit

  1. Highlight Featured Programs specially offer to Representative for applying
  2. Real time update of best universities list and scholarship offers
  3. Get commission in the shortest time, right after the student registered at the university

You Will Enjoy Easy Procedure

  1. Anyone : Our Platform specially design for individual representative, company representative, no matter you are a Chinese, international student or a CEO of a company, you can always find this platform easy to use.
  2. Anywhere : With Internet, you can submit application anytime anywhere. Download our app and have access to CASA as a representative either in your phone or in your laptop
  3. Instant Payback: By applying through CASA, you can easily get your commission in 3 days after the applicant has paid the scholarship agency fee.
  4. Online Wallet: Without wasting too much time and strength on transfer fee and waiting in the bank, you can pay the application fee and withdraw your commission all online

You Will Enjoy Fast Experience

  • Fast Information : You can check for all the information in one website and have direct discussion with CASA marketing team and counselor
  • Fast Support : You can find in-time support from our Counselors and marketing team
  • Fast Application : About 15 minutes, and you can submit your student’s application to one of the hundreds Chinese universities in one single platform
  • Fast Process: After you submit the application in our system, you will receive feedback in 12 hours according to our working time.
  • Fast Commission : You can settle your commission all online through paypal. When you choose to receive commission by paypal, you will receive commission within minutes after our confirmation. Or the commission will be sent through western union.
  • Fast Result: Our admission team track your application status step by step, and will send you feedback timely.
  • You Can Grow Your Local Business

    1. Your students can get the chance to study in China with the application service of CASA
    2. You can save plenty of cost and complete your service by enjoying CASA Systematized Service
    3. Your business will benefit the good reputation building by CASA.
    4. Your business will be more successful with full support and resources offered by CASA.