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KIB-B Business Consulting is a business empire that is present in education, consulting, web development, translation, retail stores, etc.

C.A.S.A(Central Agency for Scholarship and Admission) is part of KIB-B Business Consulting. (南京可卜比商务咨询有限公司)

C.A.S.A is dedicated to serving the higher education community. We provide several types of services for students who desire to study abroad. We have a highly motivated team to provide the best service for students coming from different countries. We work with many educational organizations and help students in their application process to get admitted wherever they would like to study. We promote higher education and all sorts of cross-country exchange students’ program. We aim at connecting people and making the world one big nation. We promote schools, polytechnics, and universities all around the world.

Scholarship Services and Admission

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Scholarship Services

We partner with many international schools, polytechnics, and universities that provide over 120 scholarships every year for brilliant international students. Having a scholarship means having the opportunity to spend less on your studies.
There are full and partial scholarship schemes. A full scholarship covers all tuition fees and can sometimes provide a living allowance to the scholar. A partial scholarship doesn't cover the whole tuition fee but helps anyhow in reducing the cost of your studies. There are scholarships for European countries (France, Germany, Italy, ...), Asian countries (China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, ...), Canada, USA, Argentina, ...

Admission for self-supported students

With C.A.S.A, you have a higher chance to get admitted to any education organization, school, or university you would like to apply to. We have a professional team who has been applying for students all over the world for more than 6 years. We know the application process and the selection criteria for most of the countries we apply to. We analyze your profile and your educational background to make sure it matches the requirements of the school we are applying to maximize your success rate. When not matching, we suggest you offers that match your needs and profile better. The only thing you need to do is tell us which major(s) you have chosen and then we’ll guide you through.

Campus France

Campus France is the national agency responsible for promoting French higher education abroad, managing scholarships and admission for international students. It is the easiest and most reliable way for non-EU citizens to go to study in France.
CASA is specialized in the application process of Campus France; thus, we do the process of Campus France for students willing to pursue their higher education in France. We make sure your application goes smoothly and assure that the communication is fluent between the organization (Campus-France) and you (the applicant). We respond messages for you, check out all the details of your application and even help you to prepare your campus France interview when necessary. Your only task is choosing your majors and let us do the work for you. We need to emphasize clearly here that we are not in direct partnership with Campus France and no other company in the world is until now.

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Education Orientation Consulting

education consulting

Uncertainty and hesitation in making a choice of studies and/or professions can have multiple origins: knowledge of training/professions, interests, values, needs, and beliefs.

You wish:
  1. Better understand the offer of higher education after the rhetoric and their outlets
  2. Take stock of your study and/or professional choices
  3. Clarify your motivations, your potentialities, your priorities, and your sources of hesitation
  4. Obtain an opinion and/or obtain leads/actions to extend the reflections.

CASA has a specific service to listen to you, learn about your background, discover your strength and weaknesses, then suggest the right majors for your studies or professional career according to your interest, strengths, and vision of the future you would like to build

“ The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think ”

What our happy students are saying!

Amsalu Walelign Asefa

Beyond words is my sincere gratitude to CASA. It offered the utmost in knowledge of scholarship issues and handling of individual preferences.

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I chose C.A.S.A because their agency fee fit my budget and they even gave me an additional discount off the balance. My confirmation documents and housing info was sent quickly. Once the program was over, I traveled to other parts of China before getting back to my hometown

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Khamroev Bakhromjon

Hello everybody, my name is Khamroev Bakhromjon, I am from Uzbekistan..

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