Terms And Conditions

I.1-All applicants can apply for scholarships or admissions directly through universities or CASA. If you choose to apply through a third party who applies scholarship for you via CASA, we are not responsible for any extra costs, damages, or other legal issues. What you pay to CASA is for the service we provide. By paying the service fee directly to us; you automatically agree with our Terms & Conditions and our refund policy. Any payment made to any third party not officially recognized on the CASA website, like representatives or branch; is a scam, thus does not bound us before the law anyhow. It is advised to contact CASA directly via our contact details on the website before making any payment and only use our official payment system or information to avoid any kind of scam.

I.2- Before paying the deposit fee to CASA, students should check their Eligibility and Required documents carefully. CASA Agency fee does not include the university fee. They are two separate entities. By that we mean, the fee you pay to CASA is for the service we provide, thus, any other fee requested by the university during and after the process will be paid by the applicant or his (her) guarantor.

I.3- All students information and application documents must be real and legalized.

I.4 Applicants who have got any forms of financial aid like Chinese Government Scholarship can't apply for scholarship repeatedly. You should be aware of this before using our service.

I.5 Although you will have a high chance to get scholarship by using our service, CASA can't guarantee 100% success rate for applying scholarships, because the universities make the final decision.

I.6 Applicants should check email regularly in case of missing any information once they booked our services. Applicants who failed to check email regularly need to bear the inconvenience resulted by that.

I.7 Applicants need to provide all necessary information and documents before the deadline of the scholarship they are applying. Students who failed to provide documents and information before the deadline need to bear the responsibility of losses.

II.1 Applicants have the right to choose universities and programs for admission.

II.2 Applicants have the right to choose the type of scholarship according to the details of scholarships.

II.3-Applicants have the right to know any information including scholarship details before applying and during the process.

II.4- Applicants have the right to ask for a refund if: After providing all required documents, we don’t succeed get them admission or scholarship (after the whole process).

III.1 Applicants needs to pay the deposit fee before starting the application.

III.2 CASA has the right to change the service or agency fee at any time according to different programs. But once students paid and start applying, there won't be any changes.

III.3- Applicants choosing CASA cooperating university scholarships could get refund if the application failed, as mentioned at II-Applicant's Rights

III.4- In case you've paid for the deposit fee and has not yet decided about the major or anything according to your procedure, we can make a pause and halt the procedure till February-March intake of next year so that you can make your decision. After that time, if you have not yet decided, we will consider that the applicant has given up the procedure. So, the refund is not possible.

III.5 - Conditons For Refund
A - If you meet the following conditions, CASA will refund 70% of your agency’s deposit. For scholarship applicants only
  1. Because of the internal causes, the program you applied cannot be started in the semester intake
  2. Because of the adjustments to admission information, your application cannot be processed or accepted.
  3. Because of university’s selection procedure, your application cannot be processed or accepted
B - In the following instances, CASA will not refund your payment
  1. Your application was accepted by the university.
  2. Your application was canceled by yourself due to personal reasons
  3. Your application was not processed or accepted because you are or were intending to undertake illegal activities
  4. Your application was not processed or accepted due to your application documents containing false information
  5. Your application was not processed or accepted due to your application documents being incomplete
  6. The university refuses to accept your application due to your visa issue, residence permit issue, Stay permit issue.
  7. The university refuses to receive you due to your visa issue, residence permit issue, Stay permit issue
  8. Your application does not meet the aforementioned refund conditions.

IV.1 Introduction

KIB-B Business Consulting, Ltd is a business empire present in education, energy, security etc. C.A.S.A which is a part of KIB-B Business Consulting, Ltd is dedicated to serving the higher education community. It is committed to keeping all personal information collected from the applicants that visit our website and make use of our online facilities and services private and confidential.

This Privacy Policy Agreement shall apply to C.A.S.A, CASA APP and any other partnership company mentioned below and it shall govern all information collected and used. Through the use of the website www.casaconsulting.org, CASA APP and any other partnership company mentioned below; we hereby consent to the procedures expressed within this agreement.

Partnership Company

TAGU International Trading (Changzhou) Co. Ltd



IV.2 Collection of Information

Information collected on our website includes:

  1. Personal information such as when you register an account on our website and participate in our online application, when contacting us or sending us an email, when submitting your credit card or other payment information, in using the CASA APP as well as when ordering and purchasing products and services on our website from our partnership company.
  2. Personal information collected for our clients in the course of providing web-based and email transaction processing services to them.

IV.3 How information is collected

We obtain this information on our website through registering and creating an account through our website, or if you are a visitor of our website or the app and you contact us, email and other forms that we make available for our applicants and/or clients.

IV.4 Use of information collected

When we collect personal information on our website or the CASA APP, we make use of this information to assist in the operation of our website or the app and to ensure completion and delivery of transactions and services needed or requested by the applicants and/or clients. We may also use the personal information collected to inform our clients of other products or services available from our partnership company.

IV.5 Sharing information with third parties

We do not rent, sell or disclose personal information to third parties.

We may contact the clients on behalf of other trusted business partners about a particular products or services they offer which may be of interest to them. In these cases, personal identifiable information such as (name, email, address, telephone number) is transferred to the third party.

We may share this information with trusted partners to help send emails, provide customer support or to arrange for deliveries. All such third parties will be prohibited from using the personal information except to provide these services and they will be required to maintain the confidentiality of this information.

IV.6 Retention of Data or Information

As a registered user of our website or CASA APP, information or data is retained as long as the client remain an active user of the account. Where there has not been any activity on the account for a long time, we will contact to check if the account should still be retained with us. Where the client decides to cancel the account or we do not hear from the client, the account will be deactivated and the data or information deleted.